Sound of Love


There is the best sound i often love to hear, however hard i stretch my ear to listen to the sound it fades away, when it turns on to be a bit louder it sounds so sweet the more i try harder to listen to it, goodness it just fades away. This is the picture of love i am trying by all means to paint and portray, a lot of us are in relationships where we do not know the sweet sound that we began with in the first place, all this is because we are just so much occupied by the best love can offer at that particular time, may i say this, love is like a bird every morning it whistles or sings, it gets better and sweeter every day. Our relationships suffer because we do not keep up with the language of love that we implement in our relationships, the flowers that you used to get her when you started are no longer there, that cheese cake you used to bring him at work is no longer there, where is the love people? its not dead its alive keep up with it. The sound of love is beautiful keep your ears to it, enjoy the sound never let it fade away, be blessed and be a blessing


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