Unchallenged Love


Too many of us today have relationships that are almost perfect/are almost in the verge of collapsing, i have to be honest in all my blogging life i have talked about love, but i have not been able to get it all right, i have my own faults, i wish i had none at all. I remember a great icon said “i am not a saint, unless if a saint is the one that keeps on trying to do good” that statement right there has made me understand the value of people in relationships, i have my own problems in my own relationship, it is however that through my weaknesses my other half finds her strength and the other way round. Love can not be challenged by all sorts of evil if you work together, most of us today are so selfish that is why most probably we are in very terrible relationships, we are afraid of the past and we are living our past in the present, you are the one challenging your love in your relationship, and you end up saying being in love is a challenge. May i just say i am not the best but i believe if you fall in this category you understand now why you are challenged in your relationship? be wise be smart just be in love do not let any challenges face your love, be blessed and be a blessing


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