Inhumanity in Peace


A lot of us have had it so easy and great, speaking of difficult situations that humanity has faced in the past decade, this has made our lives more and more vulnerable in the hands of those that are meant to protect humanity and are living within the humanitarian protocol. It is appalling that at this day and age the United Kingdom still has forces of humanitarian breaches like most of developing countries in the world, in the name of Immigration there is a worst case scenario where even 84 year olds are put to shame for just wanting protection, they are treated in a more inhuman manner better than in a refugee camp in Rwanda, an 84 year old died in the hands of immigration authorities and this man was deemed mentally unstable, not fit for detention/deportation, what happened to humanity? how can a man as frail as 84 be handcuffed on a bed?, later on die handcuffed, the only statement that is released is “the people managing the center may have forgotten the value of decency” that has no forgetting nor any thought to it, it is inhuman that is the reason why we can not deal with other crisis that need our attention in regards to peace, all because we are inhuman towards peace loving citizens of the world in our own backyard. UK and the UN protecting humanity from war torn countries has been our sublime objective so why dispense acts of inhumanity to human kind? let this act be the best example of inhuman behavior all in the name of immigration control, peace has suffered humiliation and inhumanity today and it is our right to preserve its course.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on immigration detainee dying in handcuffs 16/01/14


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