Success beyond Limits


We are a people governed by what we see, yet we fail to see beyond what we already see, we have been told its all going to be better, yet we do not believe it will be better, we continue blaming those that say its going to be better, instead of us starting to see change and believe in it. Most of us today have opportunities in life, yet we keep on blaming other people for our missed opportunities, remember you are the one who has that opportunity and its only you who limits yourself, i am from a black community, most of my brothers and sisters have this stigma about them of thinking the color of their skin is the one that keeps them unsuccessful, success has no color, it has you as a person thinking it, having your ideas that work, hard work creating opportunities, changing your thinking capacity, if you used to think on a 4 Gig memory increase the space to a terabyte, if a terabyte becomes more smaller increase your thinking capacity. Today you and i despite what we have gone through in our lives, despite our geographic locations, we will see success, think success beyond what limits us and this to both you and i will be success beyond limits in the year 2014 im ready and i am here waiting for you lets make history can you?


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