Humanly Peace


There is a position to which each and everyone of us stands, sometimes a position not so comfortable, we tend to have a say at which ever position we are at, when we are uncomfortable we moan about every single thing that goes wrong in our discomfort, when we are comfortable we moan about anything that may be a discomfort to others. At all cost we are human after all, Humanly peace stands at the door of a politician and a religious leader, saying please allow humanity to decide its fate and let humanity that is basically the sovereign owners of peace invite both the politician and a religious leader to the negotiating table for peace.

One thing between humanity we all aspire is that both a religious leader and a politician should understand that both are servants and they are in their offices to serve, yes to serve peace for all humanity, to the religious leader, his/her duty is to preach a peaceful message to his/her congregants to a politician his/her duty is to give peaceful speaches to his fellow party members and followers, none of them has the right to enforce inhumanity to another/others, this is just humanly peace and we all deserve it as humanity.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC Article on PM Theresa May-Human Rights Wont stop Terror


Freedom of Peace


The notion of freedom lies in all aspects of life, our lives are based on what we desire and dream of in a better world and a better society. There is no doubt that our world today is not in dare desire of a great and better life without freedom, peace is at the mercy of those that want to suppress those with little or no knowledge at all of their rights and freedoms, the freedom of peace is come and sooner or later those in suppression of such freedom will be nothing but the few that made life miserable for others. The right to freedom of peace is a special way for us as humanity to be in control of our social technology abilities that’s our world can be build on the solid foundation of peace and its freedom

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on what’s app being temporarily banned in Brazil 20/07/2016

Foundation of Peace


Either on soil on the ground, or on the table square and round this is our mainstream avenue of negotiating peace, most of us both leaders and subordinates  politicians and civilians have never identified the need to co-exist with our differences, on the ground where we build, is the foundation of building our trust with one another, the more dater no matter how clean one may be for the sake of peace lets sit down on that ground, on that table round and square, business leader, politician or civilian we are all authors of peace, our differences have to make us stronger to work towards our loving nations and a great way of negotiating peace.

//In Relation to President Barack Obama’s speech on the use of Drone Strikes//

In World of Bitterness


Today in World of Bitterness while we shake in horror move right left and center seeking vengeance blaming one another for the failures of others, we forget that the best way to consolidation of peace is within us. Let us all move towards peace together despite what we are facing, for peace can not be without sacrifice,  peace can only be attainable when one mistake is made and through it learnt lessons, which move us forward as a nation, as a people as human race, you from the east as well as you from the west, you from the north as well as you from the south your difference in tradition is my strength so lets come from all direction to build peace in our uniqueness.