The Umbilical Chord Of Success


Power is generated from fragments of small forces coming together, there are times when we often will need some people in our lives to urge us in the right direction, not that we will be headed in the wrong direction but we may at one point or another need a push towards what we desire. Such is Success, success is built not instant most of us have thought success and want success however they want it instantly, success is a process just as an umbilical chord that sustains an unborn baby, so as long as you are growing in your dreams you definitely need someone that would bring in great ideas towards your dreams.

Remember the umbilical Chord of Success is in your desire to be patient and persistent in what you are good at, desire, patience and persistence brings the umbilical chord of success, you and i can both make this world a much enjoyable world full of successful individuals.



Humanly Peace


There is a position to which each and everyone of us stands, sometimes a position not so comfortable, we tend to have a say at which ever position we are at, when we are uncomfortable we moan about every single thing that goes wrong in our discomfort, when we are comfortable we moan about anything that may be a discomfort to others. At all cost we are human after all, Humanly peace stands at the door of a politician and a religious leader, saying please allow humanity to decide its fate and let humanity that is basically the sovereign owners of peace invite both the politician and a religious leader to the negotiating table for peace.

One thing between humanity we all aspire is that both a religious leader and a politician should understand that both are servants and they are in their offices to serve, yes to serve peace for all humanity, to the religious leader, his/her duty is to preach a peaceful message to his/her congregants to a politician his/her duty is to give peaceful speaches to his fellow party members and followers, none of them has the right to enforce inhumanity to another/others, this is just humanly peace and we all deserve it as humanity.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC Article on PM Theresa May-Human Rights Wont stop Terror

The Truth In Love


Love has never been unreliable but humanity in turn has been unreliable, we live in a world that is full of selfishness. Today no one loves without conditions, you love me for what i have not for who i am kind of scenario, let me be frank with someone today, love is truthful, a lot of us have wasted a lot of time trying to find a perfect guy/woman, the one that thinks like you do, does things the way you do, may i just blow your candle out, such a person who does everything that satisfies you, is only yourself no one else, all we need in life is that particular person that loves the truth in us, that person who will love us the way we are and the person that can still say its OK on things that you see as faults, yet they will tolerate us with our faults.

The Truth in love always keeps our minds and souls in sink, may we all love for the reason of love and love in truth not in favor. Let love abide, let love build, Its how our world has to be, full of love and true love


Edwin Mathe

Men’s Vision


A lot of us men have lived a life where you have no vision, you can not see where you are going, most of us have put blame to our parents for our misfortunes. Men its time you have to live in your pain and find strategies to get out of your pain, even in real life once you feel pain you consult a Doctor, such is that heartache that you are going through have a vision know how to cure your pain while looking good believing in good. The best way to overcome your pain is to do good the more you do good the better you feel, remember Jesus Christ of Nazareth he was mocked and maybe been told worse things to degrade him but he went about doing good, be a visionary as a men know what you want and dwell in what you want do at all cost good for the good of the product you want to archive

This is Edwin Mathe reminding you once again that we are Equipped as men for a better world 

Deposit of Success


Success is forward thinking, the more backward you are the slow to success you are, Success is for greater minds, sharper minds, minds that have what it takes, motivated minds above all smart minds, we have failed not because we aimed at failing its because we thought of failing/we gave up in the middle of our thought. Your thought is your vision when you are smart enough you will write it on a peace of paper and make sure its visible for you to see, if then you are failing/foolish enough you will think and think and think and do nothing about it that is a recipe for failure, success is a thought, what have you thought of today? is it small or great? great success start with a small idea? how big is yours?

Peace at all Cost


Speech opens up minds, minds open up speech, the more thoughtful we are as humanity in the art of crafting peace, the more wiser and eloquent we become in our speech to promote peace. Peace is encouraged not through weapons of mass destruction but by actions that are more thoughtful and tactical, our tactics play a vital role in negotiating peace, how do we write a good script to portray peace? human kind our thoughts, our speech can change the course of history and encourage peace not war, we are peace our speech on this table, on that meeting, our speech should utter nothing but peaceful solutions.