Evidence of Love


My beautiful heart started as a whole loving caring, beautiful heart, now what is left of it are holes punched by those I trusted and are dear to me.

No matter how much we protect and give our best in our relationships there is always that little thing that disappoints us as a people, it may be family, romantic relationships there is always that person that have their own ideas on how relationships should be and the direction they should take.

No matter how much hurt you have been in every relationship you are in or have been in the evidence of Love is when you learn to forgive in that moment of pain, allowing your pain to make you a better person in building your relationships

Remember it’s just evidence of Love

You and I can survive the worst and come out the best

Yours in Love



Advocacy of Love


There are times we often fight to get things we certainly deserve as a people, sometimes fighting alone seems not enough and definitely need someone in your corner.

Love can be your advocate in situations and relationships that don’t seem to understand you as a person, Love gives you as an individual the advantage to reveal your true self however most of us end up revealing the person they admire to be other than that true person they are.

The greatest principle of Love is kindness, forgiveness and giving, once you portray your kindness towards someone then you doing yourself a great deal of favour because in kindness there is your trace of true self, when you forgive yourself first you become true to yourself, then you can be true towards someone else, when you give yourself to anyone you truly stand in love.

Remember to build your life on Love and it will indeed be your advocate in every area of your relationships

Live life to the fullest

Love your life

Yours in Love


The Pedigree of Peace


Wars have ripped nations, they have caused brother to fight brother, father never to acknowledge their sons, everything is such a mess, our world is unpredictable we seem not to have any more solutions to problems we have

Peace can be negotiated in whichever way as long as the political landscape is not made more important than the human aspect of negotiating peace. While politicians are busy shutting down government for their selfish interest there are wars fought and these are caused by polical greed, promises can be broken but peace can not be broken

This is my song for the Pedigree of Peace United Nations and the World why allow the politicians to decide the fate of peace? Why not intervene in the negotiations for peace while politicians ask for things that has nothing to do with peace

Its now or never we can simplify the process of peace and validate its Pedigree

Applause for Love


There are problems we often go through, arguments we often have, family battles that we fight for or against each other, there is something that will keep us coming back to each other and rectify whatever mistakes we have done against each other, that has to be applauded.

No matter our differences in family, marriage or dating relationships there is love that makes us reach a compromise, even the most evil person on earth has that soft spot for someone and for that someone they can utter that word I love you, that is Love it has to be applauded.

A boy and a girl happen to fight where no one may think they will make up, however tough this fight may have been one takes responsibility and say I forgive you let’s build our relationships once again we love each other, that my friends is love it has to be applauded

A man and wife get in an argument and hell break loose, they are at the verge of a fight and a divorce, a man recognises he has messed up he goes to his wife tells her I’ll give up anything to have you and my family that is love it’s not selfish it has to be applauded.

Perfect love conquers all fears, so let’s all applaud love as it unifies us as humanity

Yours in Love


Peace Symbol


Our road to freedom has never been such difficult as in times we live in today, nothing seems to be a freedom of anything as being within your rights may infringe another

The symbol of peace is far much away from humanity than ever before, politicians and religious leaders have got the reigns to the symbol of peace and through their egos they fade the right colours of the symbol of peace for their own benefit.

The symbol of peace can only be visible to humanity when egos of both a religious leader and a politician are put are side and the interests of fellow grassroots people put forward, thus far as we as a human race can clearly see the visibility of the Peace Symbol.

Peace now or never in our lifetime can we have an amicable solution to peace if both parties don’t involve the masses

I advocate for those in light and those in darkness peace is ours as a human race

Yours in advocacy for peace


Creative Love


Relationships are the most wonderful things on earth, they may at times be hard work, no matter what relationships you are in as a person you can either make it better or worse than what it is now, the choice is always yours.

A relationship either family or romantic relationship has to always have a base, the foundation, then the overall structure, most of us dwell on the foundation and overall structures of their relationship, they don’t make efforts to make their relationships much better and stronger

Love has its principles however these principles guide us creativity has to play a part in building our relationships. A lot of us say the word I love you and expect everything to fall in place by itself, may I say Love is a doing word not a theory, as per the principles of Love it is kind, unselfish, giving and forgiving, further it is not jeolous so there we go be creative in your relationship and it will make it easy to utter the word I love you with confidence knowing it has completed its meaning

Lets create the best out of love

Let love lead the way

We all can make it in Love

Yours in Love


The Image of Peace


Peace has never been viewed as the prosperous prospect of humanity co-existing, politicians and religious leaders have enjoyed the power they gain from avoiding the masses in the process of peace.

There is nothing that is more demeaning than two sides that know what is meant to be done but choose not to do it, politicians and religious leaders have in years been provocative of each other’s egos at the expense of the people.

This world today deserves politicians and religious leaders to usher their people into the rights and freedom of knowing the presence of peace within their own domain, they should educate their followers who are the real owners of peace about emicable ways of negotiating peace.

Peace for everyone in the world is needed, United Nations and the world over, until when shall the people suffer in wars that can be prevented, it is my duty and your duty to make the image of peace much visible to those that don’t see it

Till peace returns

This is my image of peace and my stamp on this blog I stamp to satify it’s authenticity

Yours in Peace