Trusting Love


Our lives are such beautiful and busy, at all cost we try to accommodate the very essence of relationships.

Our relationships in our today’s world lake a cirtain spark which keeps relationships together for a long time, this thing is trust, most of our relationships lake trust because we enter in these relationships with only what we can get out of them.

We now have what can be termed as pay as you go Love in our relationships, we happen to be in relationships for certain aspects of things we can get out of them, we often use love as the face of what we want, we do not care weather there is trust and honesty in it as long as we get what we need from it.

Trust and love go hand in hand hence they say love is patient and kind, kindness go hand in hand with trust, so are we going to love for the sake of love and trust in one another, or we are just going to be in relationships just for the sake of what we can get out of them?

Its just trusting love and I’m dedicated to it are there still some of us that still do as I am?

Yours in Love



Watching Leadership


There are a lot of people in leadership and a few that have quality leadership, some make it till the end, some give up, some get killed or derailed in their leadership roles. It is however very much difficult to understand why other people who have abilities of being leaders not is such positions, let me get to the point, watching leadership is the ability of one to influence a decision without making an argument, you work on how you get your team to where you want them to go while walking with them in the journey. Most leaders let their team walk by themselves and they join them at the end as they take the glory for the work they did not do

Let our desire in leadership be of those that take our teams to a promised land that we are part of, let’s be in watching leadership so we all can develop our brands, our organisations as well as our Society, for a great and better world to live in

Yours in Leadership

Edwin Mathe

Circle of Success


At times we are all in dreams and when we dream we aspire to follow through our dreams yet when we are in Moments of achievement we forget to grow that dream and we end up like a one hit song album.

Success is a present and exciting process, what you achieved doesn’t matter when you don’t continue in the process of achieving, most of us die with what they achieved and don’t live to what they desire to continue achieving.

The circle of success is the positive power of keeping your dreams and desires alive, an unending hunger in maintaining excellence in what you are good at, you can never stop achieving the more you achieve the more hungry you should be to  succeed

Success is not for just now, it is for tomorrow, the day after and the one after and further the one after, don’t stop dreaming

Yours in Love


Bond of Love


We all at times have been hurt and the hurt is not from those we don’t know and trust but those we truly care for and trust amicably.

A lot of us in our relationships often let a great door open for exiting in our relationships it’s very hard at times to establish stable ways of working our relationships there is a bond that keeps us together as a people this is the bond of love.

No matter how much we are hurt as a people we should learn the golden rule of love which is forgiveness, forgive those that hurt you and keep the bond of love strong

Let us all be inspired by the bond of love

Lets keep this bond strong

Yours in Love


Leverage of Success


We invest our time and efforts on our ideas, desires and dreams every single day has potential locked up inside of it, it is everyone’s choice to unlock that potential.

We may have searched for everything to do with success from websites, books, and all kinds of seminars we can go to on success, yet we still can not unlock the power of success as other successful people do, then we ask ourselves why?

The leverage of success is the combination of desire to achieve, unlocking the best at what you are good at, maximising excellence in every aspect, you can not be successful without having a desire to do so and identifying what you are truly good at with consistency.

We have found the leverage of success, now let’s work towards making success bend over to us

We all can use this leverage

It can work and your wonderful desire can be your key

Yours in Love


Evidence of Love


My beautiful heart started as a whole loving caring, beautiful heart, now what is left of it are holes punched by those I trusted and are dear to me.

No matter how much we protect and give our best in our relationships there is always that little thing that disappoints us as a people, it may be family, romantic relationships there is always that person that have their own ideas on how relationships should be and the direction they should take.

No matter how much hurt you have been in every relationship you are in or have been in the evidence of Love is when you learn to forgive in that moment of pain, allowing your pain to make you a better person in building your relationships

Remember it’s just evidence of Love

You and I can survive the worst and come out the best

Yours in Love


The Certainty Of Success


Dream big, be determined to make your dreams your fortress, be the anchor of your dreams, Think Big, Create ideas, follow through with your ideas, have I got someone in that line of thought so far?

Most successful individuals in live have a great desire to finish what they start, the more difficult it is for them to finish the more determined they become to see what they started come to life, most of us fail not because there are no resources, we fail because we have no heart to persevere through what we start.

You have had wonderful ideas, great dreams, great business plans and the difference between you and success is the willingness to follow through with every idea, every business idea that you poses

The Certainty of Success is guaranteed when will power is converted to passion, that reinvent dedication in excellence, the ability to hunger to succeed in whichever way, follow through your dreams, ideas business plan, whatever you do just do something to the end

Yours in Success