The Umbilical Chord Of Success


Power is generated from fragments of small forces coming together, there are times when we often will need some people in our lives to urge us in the right direction, not that we will be headed in the wrong direction but we may at one point or another need a push towards what we desire. Such is Success, success is built not instant most of us have thought success and want success however they want it instantly, success is a process just as an umbilical chord that sustains an unborn baby, so as long as you are growing in your dreams you definitely need someone that would bring in great ideas towards your dreams.

Remember the umbilical Chord of Success is in your desire to be patient and persistent in what you are good at, desire, patience and persistence brings the umbilical chord of success, you and i can both make this world a much enjoyable world full of successful individuals.



Ability of Success


Success can not be guaranteed as long as there is no discipline, a lot of us in today’s world want to be successful yet we have no discipline in anything we do. We have come to a place in life where all of us try a lot of things to survive, let me be honest with you, if you have a surviving mentality you will ever live to survive than live a life, most of us today live a life of survival, that’s a lake of discipline in some areas of our lives. The ability of success is in the art of discipline, discipline yourself as an individual to do one thing and follow it through, remember not to just follow it through just as a habit, but be excellent and great at it

The ability of success lies in our discipline that’s how you and I can make it to the esteemed desired success that we all need, we all can do it all it takes is just our discipline, what are you waiting for? Success needs your discipline

Edwin Mathe

Forward Success


Our minds are always programmed to think what’s behind/history, we often reflect on the past in our minds, our minds control the way we behave. There is a lot of us in today’s world that are still thinking of what they could have done last five years, what they could have achieved five years back, success is not based on what you could have been and what you could have achieved in time past but the ability to think forward and make things happen where you are, and think further than what you are achieving now,at a position where your are.

If you are thinking of selling some bottles, just sell bottles and think what you can do to sell a bottle that has something in it, do not be content with your position right now, pursue the best out of the position you have. That is simple forward success and you and I can absorb our best in it and make our lives better in what we do and think a way forward in our current position, think success, live in it, create your success, make your life worth living.

The Rhythm of Success


There are times we have been told that we are never meant to progress beyond the achievements of our races, I personally grew up in a family that was educated but not to the level of University, it is However that as I grew up I decided that I was going to be better than what my family barrier was, I was not the most intelligent person in my family, my own father would make an example of the most un-academically achieving person as myself. Let me get to this the rhythm of success is what your dream eludes inside of you, the power of keeping the reputation of thought into reality, let this rhythm be your force to life, success is not waiting for you to be part of it, you have to earn the right to be successful

The view of Success


No matter how much you have struggled to get something off the ground, your struggles can not define your success. Most of us today give up on our dreams and ideas because of simple struggles we come across in life, business intreprenure, aspiring business man/woman I have one word for you, the view of success is not in the struggle but the power to pursue that dream, the zeal to accomplish that vision/idea you have. You can not afford to struggle and not win, I know you may have been at that point where you may have done almost everything you may thought may propel your vision, your idea and it seems you are just not making it, may I just give you this solution it’s the view of Success the struggles are just temporal but the effects of success are permanent you can do this, I am convinced I can and have are you?

Authority of Success


At times I’ve wondered how I’ve gotten to a place I am now, then I recognise one great aspect about my life, which is drive, I am a purpose driven person. The only thing that can authorise success in ones life is drive, the wheel to establish and do things, a lot of us have great ideas but lake passion, ambition and the drive to establish their great ideas. The purpose of your existence has to be driven by the hunger to establish what you think and what you aspire to do, success has to have authority in your thought, its authority has to drive you purposefully and make you want to reach the unreachable. I know I can and you and I can be driven by this authority to succeed so let do this

Fresh success


There are times when we often rely on other people so we can enjoy the best of our lives. It’s not so easy when the people we often rely on as enchors of our success become incompetent then our success too become increasingly incompetent, fresh success is about relying on oneself, renewing ideas that you may have put away and retouching them, that I call fresh success you and I can have it and everything in us can make our success story the best to tell to the world. I’m fresh and so are my ideas