The enzyme of Success


The great idea is the most tough idea, the most big dream is the one that keeps you awake at night.

Most of us have the most magnificent ideas, dreams and visions, the only difference between us and those peers of ours who are successful is how to nature our own dreams, ideas and vision. We tend to think big and give ourselves cheap to challenges that we may or not face at all. We tend to have excuses as to why we are not achieving what we are meant to be achieving because someone did not make the right decisions in regards to our ideas, dreams and vision.

The enzyme of success is keeping your big dreams, vision and ideas growing despite being told it can’t be done, don’t give your success away because someone doesn’t see it the way you see it, be convinced this is what it’s worth, believe it is what it is worth, grow it’s worth, this is the enzyme of Success you will not have it if you keep giving it away.


Demand of Success


Sometimes we are more concerned about what if things do not work out, there are a few other people that have made it through such and such, we can not do it because we are restricted, all these excuses have made us become more fertile ground for ideas and dreams that have never been implemented/will never be implemented.

The demand of success is the consistent power of keeping on going even though nothing seeming to be shifting, you are the demand your desired success needs, you are the will and effort to make it through, it never is easy if you are the one starting with it, its never easy if it is your idea and dream. Keep going, keep believing and demand more from yourself as an individual, I believe we all can demand more from ourselves and be the demand that success needs from us.

Endorsement of Success


A lot of times we tend to live lives that are full of reputations, we are so comfortable to the point that we miss opportunities to grow into great people, we always repeating same things always and expect a different outcome.

One author once said “Stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result” most of us through what we call comfortable state of mind are always in a stupid state of mind keeping on doing same things year in and year out expecting different results.

The Endorsement of Success is in the uncomfortable change of doing things, uncomfortable way of delivering your ideas some balance of radicalisation and realism. We all can endorse success in every aspect of our life, if we start to recognise things that don’t work that we keep doing, this is just the Endorsement of Success, can you be Endorsed in it?

Content Success


There is a tendency in life that most of us have, this is a tendency of being comfortable with what we have or what we are, we are never wanting change, Change is Challenging and difficult to accept when routines have been set in motion.

Success has never been being content being in what we do but the continued creativity in excellence in what one does and is good at. We tend to always in life give enough so that we can afford life, let me just wake something in you, do not be comfortable enough that you fail to progress even in your comfort zone.

Content Success is your ideas being more ruthless, excellently applied for your growth as an individual, when you develop a growth mentality you are always content with growing more and more towards greatness. Be content and not comfortable in your ideas, vision and dreams, you and I can be much more content in success as we continue to grow, I believe we all can, after all, success is in all of us

System of Success


We have just become a people who can not continue in consistency, we give up at a time when we have to continue, we continue at a time when we are supposed to be taking a break and taking stock.

Our responsibility in being successful is based on tenacity, passion, progress, presence, preparation and power, you should have the tenacity to stand in every aspect of your desire, idea and dreams, you have to show passion in your ideas and dreams, no matter the obstacles you have to progress from failure to embracing faithfulness in your ideas and dreams, you have to be present in every aspect of your idea and dream, you should at all times be prepared for the best and the worst opportunities your ideas and dreams may bring towards you, finally you should have the power to keep on going despite challenges.

The System of Success is all about your combined strength to believe in excellence in those simple things which you see as not that useful in your ideas and dreams, you and I can fit into the system of success just if we keep doing the best to work on these little unseen things, I believe it’s also our system to fit in don’t you think?

Brewed Success


Your power of excellence is all in you as an individual, there is no one responsible for your success or failure but you, there is no one else that can change your perception of what you want to be but you.

These are the days where we as a people have to be more careful not to let our minds be consumed by laziness, we have great ideas, we have great opportunities to make these wonderful ideas come to life, no matter how difficult it is and how flooded the market where your ideas are based on, keep doing what you can to make it through the floods of the market.

Brewed Success is the creativity of your mind, aimed at excellence in doing what you are truly passionate and good at doing, most of us have the ability and desire to succeed but seem stagnant, this is because we lost control of what we are truly passionate and good at, to following what everyone else tries and not good and passionate about, Brewed success is a generic flaw of what you are truly good at and are just passionate about, brew your own success I believe you can and have the tools to do it just focus

Success Teacher


Success is the power of your mind influencing your ideas to greatness in reality, we all are born to be successful, it’s how we make that success work or not work in our minds.

The mind is the integral part of our life, whatever the mind thinks it is interpreted to the heart and then action is evident, so then you should think it, speak it, believe it and receive it, most of us today have the most amazing ideas and dreams that could make u s the most successful entrepreneurs of our generation, however the power of our minds determine how big or small your ideas can be.

Success Teacher is your own ability to think bigger than your circumstances, most of us are not where we want to be in terms of excellence and creativity because of the way we think, start thinking bigger and speak it, write it down and receive it, you are your own success teacher so start teaching yourself and I believe both of us can learn from our own success teacher

Sacrificial Leadership


Leadership is never about self, every time one decides to be in a position of leadership they cease to be themselves or should I say they loose the right to be selfish.

Leadership is taking on responsibilities of both yourself and others, it’s never about yourself, most leaders have forgotten that there are decisions they make that have a greater impact on the collective.

Sacrificial Leadership is the adoption of success for the collective other than self, so we can either think bigger than ourselves to accomplish the goals and desires of others in our care, or kill everyone’s dreams for our selfish gains. Let’s all be sacrificial leaders for our organisations and companies so we can grow together with our teams.

Yours in Leadership

Edwin Mathe

Transforming Success


There are moments in life when change is necessary for one to progress in life, however Change is not easy and it is a process that is painful.

In life we become so comfortable with what we are and what we have such that we are hurt when things start to shift and change in our lives, change is the most difficult thing to accept, the life of an eagle is the one that most of us should learn from, an Eagle is not comfortable with the speed and power she has for a season, she gets to a time of desiring change in speed and power.

The Eagles desire for more success in whatever she does, brings her to go through a painful process of hurting herself developing new ways of making sure her vision, speed and power improves drastically.

Most of us in Success are afraid to move from what we know to improving what we know, change doesn’t mean changing everything about what we know, just like an eagle, all she knows is to fly high, have a great vision, have great speed, and power to catch her pray, hence she does everything in her power to improve her strength and ability to do that with greater than before speed and power.

Transforming Success is a process of acceptance of excellence in your success, accommodating the will to change and feel the pinch of change for the better, Moving out of your comfort zone and expanding your horizons.

You and I need this Transforming success and we can do more out of our own comfort zones








































Tolerance of Success


You may have failed many times to achieve your dreams and ideas, to make that dream a reality, to have that idea come to life, there are so many doors that have closed right in your face and it’s nearly that time you are thinking of throwing in the towel.

Most of us forget that, the fact that you had an idea, you had a dream, counts for something in Success, there are many entrepreneurs who today when they tell us how many times they had to fail, we may think they are just telling us a feel good story. Most of the great business owners or great entrepreneurs have failed on one venture or the other and you are not an exception.

Tolerance of Success is the power you have as an individual to keep trying many other doors when others close, the resilience of belief in your ideas, the Continuation of hope, dedicated, drive and Passion, I call that the HDDP factor, you and I can and will despite our downfall we have the tenacity to rise beyond our doubt to make what we believe in stronger.

So what is it going to be, give up or keep knocking?