Absorbed Peace


There is a world out there without necessities, a world full of potential yet that potential is marred by savages, wars and political greed.

There are two factors that have affected our world towards peace, politicians and religious leaders, these two factors have in a way have forgotten that their own agendas have cost people lives and wars continue because of them, the absorption of peace can only be a reality when religious leaders and politicians start to involve those that are affected by their rivalry in negotiating for peace.

Peace can only be absorbed when Political and religious factors meet the grassroots factors which have for centuries been avoided in peace negotiations, thus making our world not safe to live in.

Peace can be absorbed in this generation only if change can be given a chance


Humanly Peace


There is a position to which each and everyone of us stands, sometimes a position not so comfortable, we tend to have a say at which ever position we are at, when we are uncomfortable we moan about every single thing that goes wrong in our discomfort, when we are comfortable we moan about anything that may be a discomfort to others. At all cost we are human after all, Humanly peace stands at the door of a politician and a religious leader, saying please allow humanity to decide its fate and let humanity that is basically the sovereign owners of peace invite both the politician and a religious leader to the negotiating table for peace.

One thing between humanity we all aspire is that both a religious leader and a politician should understand that both are servants and they are in their offices to serve, yes to serve peace for all humanity, to the religious leader, his/her duty is to preach a peaceful message to his/her congregants to a politician his/her duty is to give peaceful speaches to his fellow party members and followers, none of them has the right to enforce inhumanity to another/others, this is just humanly peace and we all deserve it as humanity.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC Article on PM Theresa May-Human Rights Wont stop Terror http://www.bbc.co.uk/news

Freedom of Peace


The notion of freedom lies in all aspects of life, our lives are based on what we desire and dream of in a better world and a better society. There is no doubt that our world today is not in dare desire of a great and better life without freedom, peace is at the mercy of those that want to suppress those with little or no knowledge at all of their rights and freedoms, the freedom of peace is come and sooner or later those in suppression of such freedom will be nothing but the few that made life miserable for others. The right to freedom of peace is a special way for us as humanity to be in control of our social technology abilities that’s our world can be build on the solid foundation of peace and its freedom

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on what’s app being temporarily banned in Brazil 20/07/2016

The Defence of Peace


Humanity today is in a war, a war of religion, politics and nuclear power, peace is lying in the grounds of sacrifice as humanity addresses religion and politics, peace has not been on the agenda and humanity is hanged in the balance of freedom, crisis arises and solutions are running low, neither a politician nor a religious leader has a solution to problems that humanity face today, peace is needed and there is no one in all circles that thinks peace and solution, all we think to day is how many we can deny peace. Peace can not be as long as we all pull in different directions in its regard, peace is the best way humanity can accommodate each other while there is a political dialogue to address our religious uncertainties in this world. United Nations and the world peace has to be tackled head on and its defence should be our priority in all aspects

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article “migrants could die crossing channel” [30/05/2016]


The imagination of Peace


The world is full of grief, there is no one in our today’s world that is much focused on things that matter, humanity has turned cold and the world has turned colder. We are victims of our own strategies, peace has turned to be a thing we all imagine can happen, it is a dream that this generation dreams could be a reality, world over, United Nations and fellow citizens of the world, there is no peace without the solution to our migrant crisis, we have a crisis and the more we ignore our boarders, peace is yet to settle within our human conscience, peace cannot be marginalised, it cannot be imagined, it has to be a reality

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on “EU faces ‘uprising’ over migrant crisis” 17/05/16

The speech of Peace


This is just what we can only see, this is our reaction when we have experienced, whose experience is more important? his/hers in that conflicted zone?
Day after day our direction is lost, lost in policies that defy justice for humanity, politics has ticked every aspect of life
Religion has become an army of martyrs, martyrs of one men, who everyone becomes so afraid of
My question is where is the compass of peace towards politics, to which direction is it pointing?
My question lies with men of religion, is the compass of peace pointing to the love that we preach in synagogues and temples, as well as Mosques
Who deserves the right to freedom, Humanity in religion/humanity in politics?
Peace is nothing within policy as peace policies itself, peace is nothing in religion as region is no space of peace
We are humans craving for the direction, this direction of peace can only be pointed to by unity in policy and religion
This is a speech of peace, yet to be said, this is a speech of peace with no direction to anyone of similar position but pointed to humanity
Peace for humanity peace for the world
Peace is what we pray for, it is a policy that we crave to put in place
It does not need to cost a life, it has to preserve a life

Edwin Mathe a better world speech 2015

The laugh aloud of peace


There are times when peace seems to be a distant far away and there are things that we as humanity have to give in order for peace to reign. Laughter seems to be one of the best things that may make negotiators of peace make up and be drawn closer to peace, may I say that peace is more of laughter joy and understanding the ways of the masses. Despite what the world thinks there is a fact and that fact is that peace is within the reach of people not politicians, as politicians try to find the solutions that are with the people in parliament, may I say a parliament is for the people not politicians. Let this be the laugh out loud of peace as we gather and remember the masses today that are protesting for their self rule in Hong Kong, indeed peace will laugh and when it does, it will laugh out loud.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on defiant HK  protest on National day 01.10.14 

Adaptable Peace


The world today has become an un-bearable place to live in and man have caused so much hate on man to man, we have religion being used as part of this inhumanity. Today the United Nations, the EU and world leaders have failed to address a simple thing that may have helped religious leaders and politicians come to a drawing board to keep peace as a substance than a topic. We can adapt to peace now without more of those missiles being dropped, we can adapt to simple ways of bringing IS to its knees without the use of war. Today our peace has to be our forefront fight and we be a people that learn to talk than fight, we are a people that can adapt to all those simple ways of peace, UN, EU and world leaders peace can only be when we start taking religious leaders to our political tables of negotiations and this is only adaptable peace, just a simple way forward.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on the first missiles dropped by the RAF in Iraq 30.09.14 

A song Of Peace


Standing here there is a cry of a child i can hear from unknown lands, a child crying and saying words like why is the world this cruel, i sit and ask myself if this child is crying this loud, what about their parent? how loud are they crying? Today peace is no longer a matter of priority but a matter of eradicating what we call one section of a particular people. These are people we call extremists, yes they are a danger to our society we are told, the emergence of a group called Isis, what on earth is this world turned into? Today the US and the UK are on air strikes on Syria and Iraq, United Nations and the world is there no other way of negotiating for peace than war? my song is a painful song and yet require many answers i sing a song as a crying child in need of freedom and in need for peace. Is there anyone out there yielding and hearing this song may this be a touching song as i will be silent if i may be wiped out of this land, due to this tragic act of uncertainty in peace. Peace now or forever our children will be heard crying in distant lands, that i and you can not even think of getting to.

Edwin Mathe in his own words and in relations to a BBC article on Iraq air strikes 27.09.2014

Unseen Peace


A lot of times there is the best that we as humanity can offer to see what is best for us and the generations to come. Humanity has seen enough of tough times in the past few years, there has been the outbreak of diseases not seen before, terror has become the challenge for humanity worldwide. There is a thing that is not been seen before but it is well talked about, peace becomes a challenge to global leaders, it is a resolution that is not been heard of, no one has come up with peaceful resolutions that are evident, the more we try the more it gets worse. World over and world leaders, it is now time that in our life time we see the unseen, it is now in our lifetime that peace be the groom that we all wait to see, let this be done before dawn, this is a cry for the unseen peace and the peace we hear about.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on the CIA tripling the estimates of IS numbers 12.09.14