The enzyme of Success


The great idea is the most tough idea, the most big dream is the one that keeps you awake at night.

Most of us have the most magnificent ideas, dreams and visions, the only difference between us and those peers of ours who are successful is how to nature our own dreams, ideas and vision. We tend to think big and give ourselves cheap to challenges that we may or not face at all. We tend to have excuses as to why we are not achieving what we are meant to be achieving because someone did not make the right decisions in regards to our ideas, dreams and vision.

The enzyme of success is keeping your big dreams, vision and ideas growing despite being told it can’t be done, don’t give your success away because someone doesn’t see it the way you see it, be convinced this is what it’s worth, believe it is what it is worth, grow it’s worth, this is the enzyme of Success you will not have it if you keep giving it away.


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