Sentimental Love


I am a product of love, love is not just a word to me, love is not just that song that brings goosebumps when sang, more than just what i have been told about Love, but what have been imprinted in me.

This is a beautiful song of love to which most of us are attracted to in the relationships we posses/relationships that we are in, most of us have never lived a life that is in its entirety been made out of pure love not just words and broken promises. Most of us can not love because of what they believe Love to be/what it represents.

Sentimental Love is the ability of character and life that we breath in the word love, making such a word reality and meaning to all relationships we may find ourselves in. I believe you and I can make a meaning out of the sentiment Love brings in this Sentimental Love.

Yours in Love

Edwin Mathe


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