Trinity of Love


We often cry foul when we loose relationships, we blame anything and anyone for whatever may have happened in our lost relationships.

Sometimes we need to sit down and reflect on what contributed to our relationships to end, what was our role in the whole process of the relationship not working, what is it we could have done better to make things better in that same relationship. A lot of us are quick to judge, quick to blame before we look into how we contribute towards failure of our relationships.

Trinity of Love is knowing how to keep records of what your bad habits are, how these can be corrected, knowing that no one is perfect all of us are work in progress, that is just the wonderful trinity of love, I believe and hope that you and I can do the best we can to rectify mistakes of our failed relationships as we seek for better relationships in life, let’s just love one another.

Yours in Love

Edwin Mathe

Success Teacher


Success is the power of your mind influencing your ideas to greatness in reality, we all are born to be successful, it’s how we make that success work or not work in our minds.

The mind is the integral part of our life, whatever the mind thinks it is interpreted to the heart and then action is evident, so then you should think it, speak it, believe it and receive it, most of us today have the most amazing ideas and dreams that could make u s the most successful entrepreneurs of our generation, however the power of our minds determine how big or small your ideas can be.

Success Teacher is your own ability to think bigger than your circumstances, most of us are not where we want to be in terms of excellence and creativity because of the way we think, start thinking bigger and speak it, write it down and receive it, you are your own success teacher so start teaching yourself and I believe both of us can learn from our own success teacher

Sacrificial Leadership


Leadership is never about self, every time one decides to be in a position of leadership they cease to be themselves or should I say they loose the right to be selfish.

Leadership is taking on responsibilities of both yourself and others, it’s never about yourself, most leaders have forgotten that there are decisions they make that have a greater impact on the collective.

Sacrificial Leadership is the adoption of success for the collective other than self, so we can either think bigger than ourselves to accomplish the goals and desires of others in our care, or kill everyone’s dreams for our selfish gains. Let’s all be sacrificial leaders for our organisations and companies so we can grow together with our teams.

Yours in Leadership

Edwin Mathe

Tender Love


Sometimes in our relationships we tend to be so hard on both ourselves and the people we proclaim to care for and love, this in turn complicate our relationships.

Its always hard when we have no one to relate to in times when we are in arguments in our relationships, thus at times in the most difficult times in relationships it’s always wise to get to a point of compromise so we can resolve whatever we may have argued about, so that we can still have that special person in our corner when we are going through stuff.

Tender Love is just the way to go, the ability to compromise when the selfish gratification kicks in in our human nature. We can all love but it takes one to be a bigger person to reach a compromise, this is as tender of love as it can be, you and I can and will if we become a bigger individual in our relationships.

Transforming Success


There are moments in life when change is necessary for one to progress in life, however Change is not easy and it is a process that is painful.

In life we become so comfortable with what we are and what we have such that we are hurt when things start to shift and change in our lives, change is the most difficult thing to accept, the life of an eagle is the one that most of us should learn from, an Eagle is not comfortable with the speed and power she has for a season, she gets to a time of desiring change in speed and power.

The Eagles desire for more success in whatever she does, brings her to go through a painful process of hurting herself developing new ways of making sure her vision, speed and power improves drastically.

Most of us in Success are afraid to move from what we know to improving what we know, change doesn’t mean changing everything about what we know, just like an eagle, all she knows is to fly high, have a great vision, have great speed, and power to catch her pray, hence she does everything in her power to improve her strength and ability to do that with greater than before speed and power.

Transforming Success is a process of acceptance of excellence in your success, accommodating the will to change and feel the pinch of change for the better, Moving out of your comfort zone and expanding your horizons.

You and I need this Transforming success and we can do more out of our own comfort zones








































Therapeutic Love


It’s amazing how much we so desire to have something in life, once we get that particular thing we don’t do much to improve it, we just relax and enjoy having that desire we once had, we only get a wake up call when something goes wrong with whatever we desired.

Most of us have been hurt one way or the other in relationships, it doesn’t matter weather it’s a family relationship, romantic or friendship, we have been hit hard by our trust and belief in other people who we didn’t expect to hurt us. The problem we often have is how to move on from the damage caused by the hurt we have experienced, and still look and believe in these people the same way as before.

Healing is the power to overcome whatever hurt that you have experienced in relationships, forgiveness to self first is the first step towards healing your wounds of trust and belief, you can not move on in every relationship without forgiveness of yourself and those that hurt you. Most of us today are carrying a lot of burdens from past relationships and it is difficult for us to trust and love moving forward.

Therapeutic Love is the power of knowing how to forgive yourself first for trusting people without knowing that none of us are perfect but are all work in progress, once we understand that, we become therapeutic to ourselves and we begin to love ourselves and live with decisions we have made, taking lessons out of our hurt.

This is the type of Love we don’t have and possess in our lives today but we can, I believe that from now on moving forward, we can have this therapeutic relationship with ourselves and learn to be the best person we can be.

Yours in Love

Edwin Mathe

Tolerance of Success


You may have failed many times to achieve your dreams and ideas, to make that dream a reality, to have that idea come to life, there are so many doors that have closed right in your face and it’s nearly that time you are thinking of throwing in the towel.

Most of us forget that, the fact that you had an idea, you had a dream, counts for something in Success, there are many entrepreneurs who today when they tell us how many times they had to fail, we may think they are just telling us a feel good story. Most of the great business owners or great entrepreneurs have failed on one venture or the other and you are not an exception.

Tolerance of Success is the power you have as an individual to keep trying many other doors when others close, the resilience of belief in your ideas, the Continuation of hope, dedicated, drive and Passion, I call that the HDDP factor, you and I can and will despite our downfall we have the tenacity to rise beyond our doubt to make what we believe in stronger.

So what is it going to be, give up or keep knocking?

Thrilling Love


A lot of times we have a lot to look forward to, the next day if there is an activity that we are so looking forward to, the excitement that comes with that expectation is amazing.

Love in our today’s world can mean a lot to so many people, to some it means just giving as much of what you have to someone you care about, to some it’s just being there when those that you care about need you, to some it’s just that notion of power that we have to control the ones that are crazy romantically about us. Whichever way we may define love in today’s world, it’s always about oneself being looked out for, Love is greater than self, love is sacrificing your own needs to meet the needs of another, this to mean that Love is not selfish, it is not self serving.

Thrilling Love is the art of balancing between our own needs and those of others, knowledge of service to another other than yourself. We are all capable of Loving genuinely if we stop thinking more about ourselves and start thinking about others.

This is just one way of Love, it’s Thrilling Love, I am thrilled and desire for you and I to serve than being served

Yours in Love

Edwin Mathe

Testimonial Love


Love is never about what you say as a person, most of us are full of beautiful words than act on those beautiful words we say.

Our relationships in today’s world are full of words and most of these words are empty, words just said at the spare of a moment, we have learnt words to say to get what we desire, we have come to places where what we say just don’t mean what we intend it to mean and we call that Love.

Testimonial Love is based on your ability and position to be principled in what you say, this to mean that what you say should be reflected in your actions. Your relationship and mine should be a testimony to the other person.

I believe you and I can be exemplary in making our relationships be filled with this love that bares a testimony, we can live excitingly in this kind of Love

Yours in Love

Edwin Mathe

Tremendous Edge Success


So much is always at stake in all things we desire and dream of doing, we all become more and more cautious on what to do and what not to do.

Most of us have a 100% opportunity of Success every single day we wake up, and every single day we are asleep our chance of success grows within that period of time. The problem with how our day to day 100% success chance is that we cut that by a quarter when we doubt what we believe in, when we get consumed by what others have achieved and how your ideas become so small in someone’s eyes, by every negative thought every single day of your life, you cut your chances of success by half.

The Tremendous Edge of Success is the ability to keep positive thoughts in whatever you desire and believe in, keeping on going no matter the challenges you face, remember you are the only one between success and failure, so what is it that you’re waiting for? Keep going it’s just that tremendous edge to success you deserve so work on it.