Balance of Love


So many relationships are in trouble but because of their insensitive things that the relationship brings, a lot of us are still holding on to these relationships that are crumbling day in and day out.

We as a human race have changed the meaning of Love, when one today claims to love it means there is a particular thing they love you for/something you bring to the table that they don’t have. Our relationships today are not governed by love but governed by whatever value we have both in the society and in our personal life, we love things more than the provider of those things, such that when a relationship ends one remains either worse off than when they got in the relationship or have more than they bargained for in that relationship.

The Balance of Love is understanding the sentimental value of an individual before understanding the influence they have in a relationship. Let’s all love because we understand an individual not understanding gains we can have from an individual, I believe we all can find this Balance of Love

Yours in Love

Edwin Mathe


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