Trinity of Love


We often cry foul when we loose relationships, we blame anything and anyone for whatever may have happened in our lost relationships.

Sometimes we need to sit down and reflect on what contributed to our relationships to end, what was our role in the whole process of the relationship not working, what is it we could have done better to make things better in that same relationship. A lot of us are quick to judge, quick to blame before we look into how we contribute towards failure of our relationships.

Trinity of Love is knowing how to keep records of what your bad habits are, how these can be corrected, knowing that no one is perfect all of us are work in progress, that is just the wonderful trinity of love, I believe and hope that you and I can do the best we can to rectify mistakes of our failed relationships as we seek for better relationships in life, let’s just love one another.

Yours in Love

Edwin Mathe


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