Therapeutic Love


It’s amazing how much we so desire to have something in life, once we get that particular thing we don’t do much to improve it, we just relax and enjoy having that desire we once had, we only get a wake up call when something goes wrong with whatever we desired.

Most of us have been hurt one way or the other in relationships, it doesn’t matter weather it’s a family relationship, romantic or friendship, we have been hit hard by our trust and belief in other people who we didn’t expect to hurt us. The problem we often have is how to move on from the damage caused by the hurt we have experienced, and still look and believe in these people the same way as before.

Healing is the power to overcome whatever hurt that you have experienced in relationships, forgiveness to self first is the first step towards healing your wounds of trust and belief, you can not move on in every relationship without forgiveness of yourself and those that hurt you. Most of us today are carrying a lot of burdens from past relationships and it is difficult for us to trust and love moving forward.

Therapeutic Love is the power of knowing how to forgive yourself first for trusting people without knowing that none of us are perfect but are all work in progress, once we understand that, we become therapeutic to ourselves and we begin to love ourselves and live with decisions we have made, taking lessons out of our hurt.

This is the type of Love we don’t have and possess in our lives today but we can, I believe that from now on moving forward, we can have this therapeutic relationship with ourselves and learn to be the best person we can be.

Yours in Love

Edwin Mathe


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