Tolerance of Success


You may have failed many times to achieve your dreams and ideas, to make that dream a reality, to have that idea come to life, there are so many doors that have closed right in your face and it’s nearly that time you are thinking of throwing in the towel.

Most of us forget that, the fact that you had an idea, you had a dream, counts for something in Success, there are many entrepreneurs who today when they tell us how many times they had to fail, we may think they are just telling us a feel good story. Most of the great business owners or great entrepreneurs have failed on one venture or the other and you are not an exception.

Tolerance of Success is the power you have as an individual to keep trying many other doors when others close, the resilience of belief in your ideas, the Continuation of hope, dedicated, drive and Passion, I call that the HDDP factor, you and I can and will despite our downfall we have the tenacity to rise beyond our doubt to make what we believe in stronger.

So what is it going to be, give up or keep knocking?


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