Thrilling Love


A lot of times we have a lot to look forward to, the next day if there is an activity that we are so looking forward to, the excitement that comes with that expectation is amazing.

Love in our today’s world can mean a lot to so many people, to some it means just giving as much of what you have to someone you care about, to some it’s just being there when those that you care about need you, to some it’s just that notion of power that we have to control the ones that are crazy romantically about us. Whichever way we may define love in today’s world, it’s always about oneself being looked out for, Love is greater than self, love is sacrificing your own needs to meet the needs of another, this to mean that Love is not selfish, it is not self serving.

Thrilling Love is the art of balancing between our own needs and those of others, knowledge of service to another other than yourself. We are all capable of Loving genuinely if we stop thinking more about ourselves and start thinking about others.

This is just one way of Love, it’s Thrilling Love, I am thrilled and desire for you and I to serve than being served

Yours in Love

Edwin Mathe


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