Titillating Love


There are times when what you admire seem not to be noticeable by yourself or the one/thing admired, that makes us loose a lot of interest in an thing/person.

There are may of us who have not forgiven or believed in forgiving their families, friends, exes, and maybe spauses present, we are no longer at that place that we were when we first saw them, when we first knew them, it is now more of a burden to look at them with the same eyes you used to look at them, its all OK.

Love is not just a feeling, it is more than what you feel, it is the impact of life that one gets when they see you or when they hear about you, we seem to get carried away by the way we feel when we are with a certain type of individuals, the way we want to quench that thirst of finishing our lustful desires on that individual or thing. We forget to love and embrace the person as them, meaning at that time when they hurt you, that time when they are not what you expect them to be, that is titillating and more surprising to most of us that we don’t have that i love the person that you are than love the person bearing benefits I can have.

Titillating love is the credibility of still feeling excited about the person that you claim to love despite whatever wrongs/flaws they may have, apreciating them for the worst and the best they are.

I believe you and I can still find that titillating love I all we do

Yours in Love

Edwin Mathe


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