Titanic Love


There is more power in the way we express ourselves, there is more quality on the way we express ourselves also, such is life and the ability it brings for one to live it.

Love is a language, it is a lifelong language, the way you communicate with the world you as an individual live in, Love exceeds the self gratification, it exceeds boastfulness. Most of us are still finding relationships a challenge because we enter into relationships with the mind of being served rather than to serve. I personally have grown up in an environment where there has been little or no love at all, I was born by a man who still himself was still finding the meaning of love in relationships, that made my father my hero as I have learnt from him what not to do both in my personal and professional relationships.

Most of us take time to be at ease and be the servant in relationships, this I mean to be the one giving than receiving, most of our relationship fail because we have an expectation to be loved, served and adored by those we claim to love. There is a saying somewhere in the bible that says “love your neighbour as you love yourself” so there goes this saying, first love yourself and then you can know how to love someone else.

Titanic love is based on the huge hunger of fulfilling ones love to their-self so that they can feel at ease loving someone else, this is just the sentiment and power of the titanic love


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