Admiration of Success


The thought of an individual not making it is driven by fear, fear often makes us look as if we are not creative enough, most of us can and have that zeal to make it. The question that we often have is that are we equipped enough to deal with our fears, fears of what people may say, fear of not acquiring the funds to start that business that you so desire and believe is your blood given right, fear of not managing to make the business work, fear of aproaching those industry gurus that can mentor you to be the best that you can in the area of your expertise. There is a lot of potential that has been killed before it started showing because of fear.

F.E.A.R (Frailty, Endorsed, Ability, Response) this has kept more dreams as dreams not reality, most of us are so frail when it comes to their ideas, it is not good to be frail when it comes to what you believe in, most of us endorse our frail state of thinking thus we believe that if I start this thing because of whatever circumstances you find yourself while thinking of that project/brand could be your obstacle, mostly we loose the ability to pursue what we believe in because we have a frail endorsed mindset, we respond to our ideas with that doubting mentality thus our desires are measured by the quantity not the quality of what we aim to be.

The admiration of success is the power of strength in removing fear and starting to believe in your ideas, you are your own motivator, if you are motivated by what you believe in and act on it, one person will believe with you and then two and then three and then four and the more people are motivated by your own motivation and actions towards your idea or ideas the more life your idea has.

Remember success can only be made possible by you as an individual, its not a team effort but your desire and effort builds that team to make the effort, we all are born to succeed so lets just do it


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