Admirable Leadership


Leadership is the power and character one has, it is not about how much you know, there are many leaders today who have the governing way of autocracy, they detect and want every single thing their own way, they are what I call insecure leaders.

These type of leaders are always the know it all kind of leaders, they have no way of not knowing things even those they actually have no idea about, the most challenging thing in leadership is balance, understanding the people you lead. Most leaders today have no idea that being a leader is actually being an employee, yes the bark stops with you and you are the decision maker, however you are employed by those you lead, the difference between you and those you lead is the collective authority of enforcing the final decision.

Admirable leadership is the ability to know those you lead and believe in the little or more decisions these other people make, for you to make informed decisions there have to be the choice of decisions from every other place that you as an individual leader can not be, this is just admirable of you as an individual and it rubs to those that you lead.

Let us all create our admiral points of leadership, become the best that we can be in our organisations and spheres of influence we are in.

Yours in Leadership

Edwin Mathe


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