Affirmative Leadership


Authority is not in what you can say or what you are capable of doing, it is in ones character, most leaders have failed to build characters of themselves however wanting to have an impact on others.

Your character is your best key to authority, you can not have authority without character, no matter how much power you possess without character you have only power not authority. There is a difference between authority and power, power is capability to do, authority is the influence to achieve and do, and influence to do is only achieved through character not what you are capable of doing.

Most of our leaders today have a notion that having power is all they need to have the authority over organisations and institutions or businesses they run, let me be frank with us leaders, power is money, resources you have to own something, but it doesn’t mean if you own it they will respect you, authority is the influence which you can have by the way you carry yourself after an acquisition which can simply be said to be your character.

Affirmitive Leadership is the power of character that exceeds ego, achievement and desires, it is the ability to influence through work and deeds.

Let us all affirm our leadership aspect and become champions that create other champions

Yours in Leadership



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