Adaptability of Leadership


Leadership is never about self it is always about the collective, our world today has leaders that are appointed because of what they may have done for the organisation not how they contribute towards the betterment of the organisation and its purpose.

We have organisations and institutions that have leaders who have no heart for the values of the organisations existence, they are there as per entitlement not qualification, this has for years cost organisations and institutions a lot of money trying to find out why the institutions or organisations are not performing.

Founders of things or organisations, institutions may not be suitable leaders of these institutions or organisations, yes they may have an idea on the foundation of the organisation or institutions but may not have the qualities to run the organisation.

Adaptability Leadership is the ability to recognise as a leader what you are good at and admitting that there areas that you lake and others in your organisation have those skills you don’t, so always have a mindset of the one willing to learn from those that you lead

Let us all be great and inspirational leaders in our organisations, businesses and institutions

Yours in Leadership



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