Assertive Success


A lot of us have the ability to become who we can be, however a handful of us become that particular person or success we ought have all become more and more comfortable with what we have been told we are and can have.

Dont be settled in what anyone believe you can because taking a step begins with you as an individual, most of us have not made it in life because we have hang our dreams and ideas on other people who also have their own dreams and ideas to achieve. It’s good to have mentors but not have mentors live our dreams and desires for us.

Assertive success is the positive power of of living your dreams and in all honesty do your best to make them come true, your excellence in productivity in whatever you are truly Good at. Success is you and those that mentor you are just pieces of the puzzle to complete what you desire to achieve.

Be assertive to your own dreams and ideas so you can enjoy the best in life

Yours in Success



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