Assertive Leadership


There is no greater leader that is a lone person, there are times that most people say that leaders are born not made, they may be truth in it and that may not be true in another sense depending on the angle you look at it.

Our leaders today have failed to make the best out of their subordinates, they treat others as though they themselves did not begin from the bottom, they treat tittles as tittle deeds to mistreating others, leaders of today have no respect to those they lead, most of our leaders today want to lead but forget that they were put in those places by the very people they are abusing.

Assertive Leadership gives a leader and the led a conversation of thought into being able to understand the led from a leaders point of view, learning and picking up the habits of those that you lead, treating them as family in every good possible way.

Let us all be great and responsible leaders being assertive all the times and creating great legacies for our organizations, Institutions and businesses

Yours in leadership



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