Ardent Leadership


The thought of a leader often affects those that he/she leads, ambition is not a bad thing, however most of our leaders today are over-ambitious, when you have two or three people that have given you the mandate to be their leader, remember to make them believe first in the reality of things that are visible to them before embarking on ambition.

There are a lot of Leaders who have lost the battle of Leadership before they even begin it, all because they have promised too much or too little of their capabilities, if we are to be the most successful leaders in our generation we should learn to live within our capabilities, it is not all of us that are given the capabilities of doing things. Most of us as leaders have just been relying on their strength more than learn from those we serve, remember being a great leader you become a great servant first, you can never take people to a place where you do not believe you can make it by yourself.

Most leaders think that their tittle gives them the power to be respected and perform miracle of earning everybody’s respect, remember inflicting fear in people makes you loose the best relationships with those you lead and further takes away your peace as a person, can i just make an observation of leadership?, most of the leaders that are feared are called dictators not leaders, they lead by inflicting fear to those they lead, they believe that they have achieved everything and those that they lead are just subjects than subordinates. Fear and leadership are two different things, fear is for those that do not aspire to grow in leadership but want to keep holding on to what they think they have been taught than what they have achieved and developed themselves.

Ardent Leadership is the power to influence without fear, the confidence in service you give as an individual, creating room to learn as an individual, taking every obstacle and mistake as room for improvement

Let us all go and become the best leaders in our generation, in our organizations, businesses, and institutions

Yours in Leadership



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