Absorbed Success


True heroes are never the ones that talk about how they became heroes, their story is told by those that see what they have achieved, most of us today want to be heroes and we do everything to get to the heroes status not doing everything to grow in being heroes.

Success is everybody’s dream it is however that there are a few that take opportunities that they have to make success the best they can achieve, most of us are not at the place that we aught to be because at times when we are meant to show up in success we end up having other peoples plans instead of our plans. If today i may ask each and everyone of us that has a desire and dreams that whose dreams have we worked hard to make a reality? I guess a lot of us will have the same answer, that is half a dozen of us may have been thinking we are chasing our own dreams yet we are making other people’s dreams a reality at our own expense. What you desire is often locked up in what you are very good at, no matter your passion, interest/dedication there is treasure you have that is locked up in whatever you are very good at.

Absorbed Success is just the desire of unlocking whatever you are very good at, travailing in excellency in maintaining its passion and desire, turning dreams that may have been dead into living realities. You can no make what you do not believe in into reality, you can not either turn nothing into something, there is nothing new that makes the next person successful its just that they embraced whatever they are good at much better than most of us, i believe we all have an idea of absorbing success and making it to our advantage

Yours in Success



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