Absorbed Leadership


A lot of our leaders today have a problem that they do not accept to have, that is selfishness, leadership is about serving others than serving yourself, most of our leaders today have in their own thinking and actions think they have reached the pinnacle of their leadership and they have finished growing in their roles as leaders.

When you are a leader you never stop learning and you can keep growing day ofter day, learn from even individuals that may be regarded as the least in the chain of command from those that you lead. Do not be a leader that has all answers, remember that an answer that says ill get back to you about that when Ive re-evaluated and sought light on this matter is the most satisfying answer and does not make you week it actually make you much stronger as a leader.

Absorbed Leadership is the aspiration of rejecting self to absorb the problems of others for the sake of progress, making others more valuable than yourself as you value them, your value too increases as a leader.

Let us all be great leaders in our organizations, businesses and institutions

Yours in Leadership



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