Astonishing Leadership


Leadership has never been and will never be an easy journey, first a leader has to be the servant of those that he serves which is much of a different ball game in todays leadership, todays leaders are serving themselves more than they serve those they are meant to lead.

A lot of us rush into wanting a position than learning to be a servant of the position that we aspire to have, we have become greedy of the position and the perks that comes with the position. Leadership is never about position its about the power to serve even if the position was to be removed, a tittle will never by any means gain you respect, but your character will, most leaders lake character therefore feel threatened by those that they lead that possess the best in character than they do.

I remember a word that my father kept hammering in my heard about respect, he said to me that respect was earned not given, as i have grown up in positions of leadership i have experienced more leaders that want to be given respect other than earning respect, the first thing that most leaders fail to understand is the service to those we lead and the character to maintain the same status of servant-hood to those we serve.

Astonishing leadership is the power to combine character, servant-hood and the nature of respect towards those that we lead

I believe we all can be best at developing our characters to be the best leaders in our Organizations, businesses or institutions

Yours in Leadership




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