Ardent Success


The power to achieve always rests within oneself, there is nothing that holds one back than oneself, most of us are always on the lookout for opportunities and think that these are scarce to find/such are just awarded to just the deserving and those that have certain qualities to achieve them.

There are a lot of times I personally have nearly given up on doing what i enjoy doing, reasons can be many and I can blame everything on my busy lifestyle and the things that are not productive that I personally create for myself. Most of us give up special gifts, dreams/ideas not because we are lazy/unqualified, we give up because we dedicate our time and effort on the wrong things, we invest too much time on what others are good at not what we are good at, we keep telling stories of others making it not making our own stories of what we are great and good at.

You can not make it without inspiration that is absolutely a no brainier however a lot of us dwell so much on the Inspiration part than making the inspiration work their passion and make their dreams come to life, we are a people that are sucked in inspiration and more inspiration, however not using that inspiration to create other inspires out of our dreams and desires. If i could ask you a question today, which is just simple, what makes you not be the best at what you are good at? there will be a lot of answers and excuses as to why we have not fulfilled our potential, the top of the list is that there are no resources/someone did not give us the opportunity to make it. Let me be honest with you if you are waiting for someone to give you an opportunity then you will wait until the one with opportunity passes you by and gives to those that are willing to take it.

Ardent Success is the greater power of accessing opportunities and taking them, the desire to go far beyond obstacles, seeing obstacles as an opportunity to grow in whatever you are good at. Life is not for those that just exist but for those that want to live it, are you prepared to live in a life that has opportunities that are available and take them.

Yours are available and mine are too are we all willing to take Ardent steps towards our success, I believe we are and all can

Yours in Success



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