Depth of Love


There is nothing that is so exciting than the love that we enjoy having as a people, most of us have not managed to keep relationships because of the way we handle ourselves in such relationships that we have/desire to have.

in most cases a lot of us are always crying about how we are all alone and no one is willing or even has the nerve to ask us out or to ask if we are are in a relationship or not, we often say that there is no one that wants us and no one wants to be with us i any given way, may i just say that there is no one that dose not want to be with anyone, however the behavior of us as a human race distances us from the realities of love as a passport to a great relationship that we may desire.

Our language in our own as a people in families has to tell someone on the outside what kind of an individual one is, most of us believe that whatever we say becomes the law, we believe that we are the reason for everyone to live on egg shells around us, this is why at times we feel lonely and deserted because of the way we speak and act. Have you ever wondered as a human being how many relationships have you as a person ruined up for yourself? just reflect and look into the way that you handle yourself around people. Love is kind, true, giving, forgiving and unselfish, it may be that there is only one or two principles of love that you are not following that is the reason why you are having difficulties enjoying the best in relationships that you could enjoy.

Remember that your tongue and character can be the only tie breaker to getting you the best in relationships.

Yours in Love



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