Surround Success


Don’t give up because you have had a setback, don’t go back to staying back, you have to go back so to get a glimmer of what may have gone wrong when you reach a similar level of progress.

A lot of us don’t make it because once we go back to the place of reflection we end up reflexively being comfortable with problems that we face than confronting such problems, being hit is a great motivation for a champion, there is no champion that made it without being hit, everyone of us have been hit one way or the other because we are champions in our own fields. Don’t let setbacks be permanent remember they are set backs, there are just temporary means to gear you up for excellence.

Surround success is power in knowledge of unending hunger to achieve the best even when the chips are down, excellence in productivity of whatever you are good at, don’t give up because your have had a knock, knock the knock back up and make it a surround knock.

This is simply Success I can’t emphasise it more

Yours in Success



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