Resistant Love


As a people we often blame others for our relationships not working for our relationships going bad, the best in life is to always look at what you are doing not what someone else is doing.

Most of us today are looking for a perfect relationship, a relationship with that person who has everything, a good look, good house, good car, good this and that and you often forget to look for the one with good love, the love that will build whatever you desire in a relationship.

One wise person said treasure that you just find lying about is not easy to keep but the treasure that you work hard to find is easy to keep because you know how much it cost you to get it, so that good looking guy/woman did you work hard enough on your image to have them?

May I just say there is no perfect relationship out there, if only you understand that none of us as well are perfect we are all work in progress.

Live to love

Yours in Love



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