Transformed Leader


There seem to be a lot going on in the world, the world have just been hit and it has no clue what hit it, our leaders today are running out of ideas on how to deal with problems that are facing the world today. May I not be the one that thinks he knows it all in leadership, but allow me to share my opinion, most leaders today lake enthusiasm, they work on the past, most leaders today can not depart from tradition. May I say the mentor of leadership is allowing oneself to grow within trends of new traditions, a transformed leader is an informed leader, I’ll repeat that again, a transformed leader is an informed leader. This means that every single day a leader is learning from decisions made by his subordinates, he is transformed by understanding that being among his/her team makes him/her part of the organizational transformation. There is no simpler way of being transformed as a leader than being informed, this is our age, this is our generation, let’s make it our tradition, our decisions come from within.

Lets all be a positive impact in our leadership

Yours in Leadership

Edwin Mathe


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