Dalliance of Love


When I am alone I crave someone to be with, even when I’m with people I crave to have a shoulder to cry on, yet in all my efforts there seems to be a complaint in my heart as to why am I not satisfied.

Most of us in our relationships have problems which we create ourselves, we often want to be the ones in control of our  relationships yet we forget the sole reason we are in relationships in the first place. Love is the governor of relationships if we allow it to manifest in our relationships.

A lot of us have gone for the benefits of Love which is a relationship that has everything in it, six pack guy, coca-cola bottle body woman, a guy with all the money in the world, a woman that has everything in the word. These are just temporary things that will be driven away by boredom when all of these are achieved then what? If we love for sure and adhere to love principles then we will enjoy its benefits out of love itself

We can love to the best of our knowledge and still benefit from relationships packs

Yours in Love



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