Active Success


Don’t sit and do nothing as you dream, dreams are meant to be pushed, we have to overcome obstacles in order to move towards achieving our dreams.

Most of us are not where we aught to be because we sit on our ideas and think that something or someone will come work magic on our ideas and boom we are successful, success has to come through source, this I mean what is the motivation behind your ideas and dreams, there are three stages I often believe in our lives we have, aspiring, inspired, introduction.

I call this the AII formula, when you dream, you aspiring to achieve, when you do something about your dreams, you are inspired to achieve, when you take a step towards achieving your dreams, you are introducing a living achievement, so that is just a few stages in making your dreams come to life, it is however that most of us are still in the aspiring stage of our success we are still pilling up our dreams and ideas, we are afraid to be inspired and introducing our dreams to the world.

Active success is the desire to achieve beyond obstacles, the ability to maintain passion and dedication in excellence in whatever you are good at. You can only activate your potential by believing in your dreams, keeping them alive at whatever cost

Dont ever die in your desire, desire and act on it, I believe in you and I believe you can be whoever you want to be

Yours in Success



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