The Brood Of Love


At times we become more and more aggressive towards change as they say change is painful, no matter how much we invest in relationships there is nothing that will happen if there is no love.

We often make our emotions a priority in our relationships yet Love has to be the priority, we fail to love with no agenda, we love so we can get something if I can rephrase we use the word love to enter into agreements, its as if love is a passport/ID to a relationship these days, it earns you the right to everything one has in life not what they are to you as an individual.

Sometimes we have to reflect on our contribution in relationships that collapse, ask ourselves what could we have done differently to make it work, my suggestion is love for the sake of a person not for the sake of fame or gain, remember love is not selfish it is kind

This is a reflection of what we may be as humanity, just love within the brood of love

Yours in Love



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