The Constitution Of Peace


War is now the emblem of humanity, the Western World vesus the Eastern World, the East Vesus the South, nobody seems to be enjoying peace, everyone is in tears and hearts are broken.

Religion and politics have caused our wonderful world to be more than a space for all to live in, in peace, the word peace means a whole lot of different things to both a politician and a religious leader to one it means something else to another it means retaliation of provocation.

What is going on in this world, who is going to be the advocate for peace when nations believed to be peaceful are the ones provoking others in war. United Nations and the world tell me what is Israel doing in Syria? Isn’t Al-Assad alone not causing enough mayhem to his people? Syria is already ravaged United Nations and the world we can not sit and fold our arms and watch the constitution of peace be more ravaged than what it is now.

Do something for Syria to retain to its peace constitution, this can no longer be something to be ignored

Yours in Peace


responding to a bbc article “Israeli Jets target Iranian Positions around Damascus”


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