Ailurophile Love


This is a song of love sang by an individual that just is focused on Certainty of a beautiful life in a relationship, this song is so beautiful yet with tears on this individuals eyes they sing it, it’s not tears of sadness nor of happiness but tears of uncertainty of where the song is gonna end up with.

We are a people and once we are born we get taught certain things in life, hate is the top of the list in what we are taught as there seem to be enemies of families that we all are born into, if not it’s just the cruelty of this world that makes us be taught hate first and love later.

Like the beautiful cats eyes in the night such is our love to humanity in today’s world, we love just a little bit in the event we get hurt we are always weary of what is actually going to happen to us in our relationships, may I just say love doesn’t withhold it is for the best it is for the worst, that is why in love you ought to be patient, kind, giving, forgiving, unselfish, and not jealous.

You can not obtain the best in relationships if you are not in the system of Love

Love in honesty and be the best in it

Yours in Love




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