Administered Leadership


There are a lot of times when humanity has a burden, this burden is not that humanity has no solution, the burden is how humanity can use a solution. Leaders are born and there are at present more leaders that are born into leadership, it is however that these leaders are not aware that by right there are leaders,just as stated above, the solution is there which means leaders are there, it is how leadership knowledge is administered to these leaders. A true leader administers the best for himself/herself before asking/administering the best for his/her team, today’s leaders fail not because the people are not listening, leaders today fail because they have not been listening to those they lead.Practically speaking you can not be a DJ leader that plays your tune and speak to an imaginary crowd, The dos of pure leadership is administered by the efficiency of a number of the following of decisions influenced by oneself. It starts by how you talk to yourself alone as a person to understand how another will interpret what you want to convey, that is true administered leadership, I believe that you and I today and any other day will administer the best in our roles as leaders and always playing the good cards that makes our followers want to follow us, I’m excited that you and I thrive today for a better people, a better tomorrow a greater leadership that yields the best of a generation

Yours in Leadership

Edwin Mathe


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