Treasure of Love


A song can be sang, poetry can be recited a beautiful story can be told, there is nothing much liberating than love

most of us have become more addicted to things in a relationship than the person in it, we have seen a lot of people die because of neglect or desire to be noticed and appreciated. First what we as a people need to know is that human beings have feelings and once you deceive a feeling the reaction towards that is much more dangerous.

Love and jealous can not be mentioned at the same time, Love is not greedy that’s why everyone has a chance at it, It’s often puzzles me to hear some people say they did unspeakable things in the name of love and jealousy, the treasure of love protect an individual and it provides peace in forgiveness as well as it gives the best, above all it is kind and true

Thats just beautiful treasure of Love You and I deserve it

Yours in Love



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