Delayed Peace


There is a drum beat in a continent somewhere, this drum beat is getting louder and louder in the jungle and forest of the DRC, this Drum speaks and its speaking is so far beyond borders, it’s speaking can not be ignored anymore

Violence and outcry is now a normality for humanity and the people of the DRC, the whole world is watching and doing absolutely nothing, it becomes news and the news we feel is breaking news is actually at the time of broadcast is now stale news as there is breaking News every single day for the people of DRC

African Union, United Nations and the world until when do you want to come up with a resolution to this human crisis of delaying peace for the people of the DRC? My heart yearns for that day when The AFRICAN Union becomes a champion in setting peace goals and achieving them, for the United Nations to be an Arsenal towards building lasting peace negotiations

My heart can not take anymore stabbing of unjustified pain for peace not negotiated

Yours crying and craving for peace



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