Sentiment of Love


A lot of times we often want to model people the way we think and do things, we forget that everyone is different, they are a different person in their own right, they were born and raised different from us that makes them their own individual.

Most of us in today’s relationships we enter in them out of reason to want to make a person to the way we want that particular individual to be in our own making, it’s not that we love the person but we feel obligated to make certain changes in their lives so that we can take a lot of credit for who they have become if they become some version of what we actually desired them to be.

Love stands on its own it doesn’t change one person for another but grows both individuals for the best of themselves, thus is a sentiment of Love, you and I can enjoy the best of it when we skip the want to fix something and somebody syndrome

We can have that sentiment of Love and build prosperous relationships

Yours in Love



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