Seed of Love


There are ways in which we always try to hold on to what we believe is the best, it is however that sometimes no matter how great and beautiful what we try to hold on to if it has no love in it then we are as good as having nothing

In beginning of relationships it is ideal that we set our purpose as to what relationships we desire and how we would want these relationships to grow. Most of us do not have any idea as to why they are in relationships they are in, they just in it for fun no plan.

When you plant something from it’s seed form you have the expect growth and you expect to reep at the end of it all, most of us in our relationships we have invested every single thing available to the world yet we still don’t make the cut, there is a simple thing that one needs to invest it is the seed of love once you invest this, you definitely have the best of your relationships

Love is key

Love is life

Yours in Love



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