Autonomy of Success


Every dream has a price, everyone whose pursued the dream and believed in its price are the most prosperous individuals today and we often look out for advice from them on how we can succeed.

Most of us blame a lot of things for not making it in life, may I say you can not blame it on anything but yourself for not putting a price on your dream, or pricing your dream low. Once you fail to put the right price on your dream then you are the problem to your own success.

The Autonomy Of Success is the sensational hunger of pricing your ideas and dreams with the right value, the methodology of honour in what you are good at, stop blaming situations and people for your own failures, they sleep the same 8 hours as you do but they wake up with a different outcome so it’s nothing to do with how comfortable or uncomfortable your bed is as long as you have a dream and you put the right price on it

I have decided that my dream is worth a billion and I’ve started thinking above a million mark anyone with me

Let’s do this

Yours in Success



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