Watching Leadership


There are a lot of people in leadership and a few that have quality leadership, some make it till the end, some give up, some get killed or derailed in their leadership roles. It is however very much difficult to understand why other people who have abilities of being leaders not is such positions, let me get to the point, watching leadership is the ability of one to influence a decision without making an argument, you work on how you get your team to where you want them to go while walking with them in the journey. Most leaders let their team walk by themselves and they join them at the end as they take the glory for the work they did not do

Let our desire in leadership be of those that take our teams to a promised land that we are part of, let’s be in watching leadership so we all can develop our brands, our organisations as well as our Society, for a great and better world to live in

Yours in Leadership

Edwin Mathe


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