Trusting Love


Our lives are such beautiful and busy, at all cost we try to accommodate the very essence of relationships.

Our relationships in our today’s world lake a cirtain spark which keeps relationships together for a long time, this thing is trust, most of our relationships lake trust because we enter in these relationships with only what we can get out of them.

We now have what can be termed as pay as you go Love in our relationships, we happen to be in relationships for certain aspects of things we can get out of them, we often use love as the face of what we want, we do not care weather there is trust and honesty in it as long as we get what we need from it.

Trust and love go hand in hand hence they say love is patient and kind, kindness go hand in hand with trust, so are we going to love for the sake of love and trust in one another, or we are just going to be in relationships just for the sake of what we can get out of them?

Its just trusting love and I’m dedicated to it are there still some of us that still do as I am?

Yours in Love



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