Advocacy of Love


There are times we often fight to get things we certainly deserve as a people, sometimes fighting alone seems not enough and definitely need someone in your corner.

Love can be your advocate in situations and relationships that don’t seem to understand you as a person, Love gives you as an individual the advantage to reveal your true self however most of us end up revealing the person they admire to be other than that true person they are.

The greatest principle of Love is kindness, forgiveness and giving, once you portray your kindness towards someone then you doing yourself a great deal of favour because in kindness there is your trace of true self, when you forgive yourself first you become true to yourself, then you can be true towards someone else, when you give yourself to anyone you truly stand in love.

Remember to build your life on Love and it will indeed be your advocate in every area of your relationships

Live life to the fullest

Love your life

Yours in Love



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