Applause for Love


There are problems we often go through, arguments we often have, family battles that we fight for or against each other, there is something that will keep us coming back to each other and rectify whatever mistakes we have done against each other, that has to be applauded.

No matter our differences in family, marriage or dating relationships there is love that makes us reach a compromise, even the most evil person on earth has that soft spot for someone and for that someone they can utter that word I love you, that is Love it has to be applauded.

A boy and a girl happen to fight where no one may think they will make up, however tough this fight may have been one takes responsibility and say I forgive you let’s build our relationships once again we love each other, that my friends is love it has to be applauded

A man and wife get in an argument and hell break loose, they are at the verge of a fight and a divorce, a man recognises he has messed up he goes to his wife tells her I’ll give up anything to have you and my family that is love it’s not selfish it has to be applauded.

Perfect love conquers all fears, so let’s all applaud love as it unifies us as humanity

Yours in Love



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